Sunday Link-up

HRCCA started our Sunday Link-up program in the hope of revitalizing our past Sunday recreation activities which had been help over 10 years. Over time, we have found that there are more interests and needs in our community for more dialogues and exchanges, education and informative seminars. They, not only can help understand cultures and integration, can also help uncover needs, bridge gaps and build relationships.

Our first Sunday Link-up talk in October 2017 was on Dental Health. It was presented by Dr. Kenneth Wong, our director, who is also a local Dentist. Subsequently, there have been a series of seminars and talks on mental health. Besides health related topics, we also organized a TECH talk for those interested in more updates and information sharing in using computing and communication devices, programs and applications plus related topics. With inputs and feedback from various sources, we hope to continue enhance our Sunday Link-up program.

In August 2018, we have received more support from members and friends. The ChunWei concert has raised a $1,000 in support of our Sunday Link-up program. Not only can our local residents have a chance to hear and see the great performance of a professional singer from China, they can hear more about what our Sunday Link-up program is all about.

For future Sunday Link-up programs, please refer to what’s IN THE NEWS in our website.

We would like to express our thanks to the support of the following sponsors.

Thanks to the following sponsors at ChunWei Concert to support our Sunday-Linkup Program.

Crystal Chang, Sun Life Financial Advisor, Tel: 647-892-9221, WeChat: crystal619925

Nelly Gong, State Farm Agent, Tel: 905-803-8804, E-mail:

Kam Lee, Glen Oaks Funeral Home & Cemetery, Tel: 647-893-8218

Betsy Wang, Re/Max Real Estate Centre, Burlington, Tel: 905-984-9798, WeChat: bd0217

Liza Wu, Link-up…. Tel: 647-303-3686,

Oakville 99 Senior Association, Email:

Redleaf Cultural Integration, Tel: 905-516-9016, WeChat: LLZH99

Special Thanks to HMC Connections for their supports and providing us with space to meet

Lion Dance

HRCCA (Halton Region Canadian Chinese Association) welcome youth & adult volunteers or parent volunteers in this Lion Dance. This program is related to the following points.

opportunities for high school students to volunteer, (2) promotion and participation of Chinese culture, (3) learning opportunities for young people to meet and communicate and (4) integration into community activities. The HRCCA Lion Dance Troupe has been helping different community groups and events, performances, demonstrations, and entertainment. Volunteers and parents who are interested in participating in this group are invited to inquire and suggest. Students or volunteers do not need to have experience. They only need to be interested in understanding and participating in some group demonstrations and simple exercises to become members of the HRCCA Lion Dance Troupe. If everyone can use the “opportunity door” concept to view this program, it’d be even better. Thank you for taking time to understand, please contact Louis Tsai, HRCCA President. Tel: 905-407-0822.

本会需要这群內的义工们或义工家長们回应以下一个项目。是有関(1)中学生义工机会,(2)中国文化的推广和參与,(3)年青人合群和交流的学習机会, (4) 融入社区活动的認識等。荷顿加华協会(HRCCA) 的青少年舞獅团(Lion Dance Troupe)一直以來,曾帮助不同社区团体和活动,表演,示範,助兴等。现在邀请对这团有兴趣参与的义工和家長们查询和建议。学生或义工们無须有經驗,祇需要有兴趣去了解和参加一些合群性的示範和簡單練習就可以成为members of HRCCA Lion Dance Troupe 即本舞獅团的成员。若大家能用{机会門}的眼光去看这一件事即是英文的 {opportunity doors}, 那就更好了。多谢抽空去了解,有需要请联络。Louis Tsai HRCCA president 荷顿加华会会長 905-407-0822.