I’ve had an income change. Who do I call?


Our office has contracted with an answering service to take weekend and statutory holiday calls.  If it is not an emergency, you have the option of just leaving a message, which will be retrieved by Stoney Creek Community Homes staff the next working day.  If you have an emergency, refer to our contact list. Please do not call your Property Manager’s cell phone on the weekend or on a statutory holiday.  Call the Stoney Creek Community Homes office at(905) 578-3833 and your call will be responded to in a manner appropriate to the situation.


I’ve had an income change. Who do I call?

Any increases or decreases in your household monthly income must be reported in writing to your Property Manager within 30 days. Acceptable forms of income verification include, but are not limited to:

  1. A copy of current Ontario Works stub and drug card

  2. A series of most recent consecutive pay stubs (8 weeks)

  3. A letter from an employer verifying gross wages

  4. Court ordered support agreement

Once your income is reviewed, you will be notified as soon as possible in writing of any adjustment to your rental charge. Rental decreases are effective immediately. Rental increases require a notice period of up to 60 days.

I had a pay increase that I forgot to report.

I am on social assistance and had another baby five months ago.

Often, retroactive calculations are required, and if the calculation specifies a rent increase (after the appropriate notice period) your account may show a balance owing and be in arrears. You are required to pay this balance owing, either immediately or by monthly installments in accordance with a signed arrears repayment agreement made with your Property Manager.

I was working but lost my job and went on EI benefits and social assistance. I didn’t tell you because my total income was about the same as before I lost my job.

Rental charges are calculated differently depending on the source of the income.  So even if a household’s total income remains about the same after change, it may necessitate a change in the rental charge. Stoney Creek Community Homes must be notified of ALL changes in income.  You will be advised in writing whether or not there is a change in your rent based on your new income.

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