I live in a three-bedroom unit and one of my children just moved out. Our family just had a baby and we’re cramped. How do we get a bigger unit?


Our tenants frequently experience changes in their tenancy for different reasons. If the change is temporary, you simply need to let your Property Manager know the circumstances. If the change is permanent, several options are available.

  1. You may fill out a transfer request (available at the Stoney Creek Community Homes office) to move to a more suitable unit. In order to qualify for a transfer, you must:
    1. complete one full year of residency in your current unit
    2. have no arrears
    3. have timely rental payments for the past six months
    4. provide medical documentation as required
    5. provide social documentation as required
  2. You may locate alternate accommodations on your own and give proper notice to move out.
  3. If you have too many bedrooms for your family, you may have a landlord-approved person move in with you to occupy the empty bedroom(s).
  4. If you have too many bedrooms for your family, you may choose to pay the market rent charge for your unit and continue your tenancy.


If you require a unit with more or less bedrooms, Stoney Creek Community Homes will attempt to relocate you to a more suitable unit on receipt of your transfer request. Persons requesting a transfer are also encouraged to complete an application for alternate housing with Access to Housing.

Rent-geared-to-income tenants who are over housed (i.e. do not fill all the bedrooms in the unit) who are not transferred to a suitably-sized unit within one year must be active on the Access To Housing waitlist in order to continue to receive subsidy in their current unit. Failure to maintain an active application will result in the removal of rent-geared-to-income assistance and the implementation of market rent charges.

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