English is not my first language, and I sometimes don’t understand letters from Stoney Creek Community Homes that I receive in the mail. What should I do?


When you sign a lease agreement and accept tenancy with Stoney Creek Community Homes, you agree to abide by the Residential Tenancies Act and the Housing Services Act, 2011 (as does Stoney Creek Community Homes).  If you get letters and forms in the mail that you don’t understand, it is your responsibility to get an interpreter to help you understand the paperwork.  By ignoring forms that you get, you may not provide information to Stoney Creek Community Homes that is needed to continue rental subsidy, which could lead to market rent charges being implemented on your account or court action being commenced against you.  There are many agencies in Hamilton where you can obtain the services of translators and interpreters.

  • St. Joseph’s Immigrant Women’s Centre – 905-529-5209
  • Hamilton Cultural Interpreting Services – 905-528-9515
  • Francophone Community Health Centre – 905-528-0163
  • All Languages Ltd. – 416-975-5000
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